Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy News...

Here we have the delicious "Purple Pudding Cake of Death"
that our part time house mate made for a friends going away dinner.
Both these photo's were rushed from excitement...
Excitement from hunger and excitement from new shinies :)

I have a job!
This is very exciting since for a long time I have had issues with
depression and Agoraphobia making me unfit for any job out of the house.
The beautiful Becca of Matahari has agreed to let me work with her and the
other ladies at times when it is comfortable for me e.g. when Toby is at
Kinder - a short skip down the street. She is paying me with Store Credit (fine by me)
and this is the first item I have brought home with me; a shiny beaded silky quilt!
I am so Happy ^_^

*does the 'I have a job' dance*

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