Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy News...

Here we have the delicious "Purple Pudding Cake of Death"
that our part time house mate made for a friends going away dinner.
Both these photo's were rushed from excitement...
Excitement from hunger and excitement from new shinies :)

I have a job!
This is very exciting since for a long time I have had issues with
depression and Agoraphobia making me unfit for any job out of the house.
The beautiful Becca of Matahari has agreed to let me work with her and the
other ladies at times when it is comfortable for me e.g. when Toby is at
Kinder - a short skip down the street. She is paying me with Store Credit (fine by me)
and this is the first item I have brought home with me; a shiny beaded silky quilt!
I am so Happy ^_^

*does the 'I have a job' dance*

Butterfly Wood Cuts...

So Pretty :3
Can I have these please?

Actually, I am considering collecting this assortment as
well as others...but I can't find any others that are Not
blank; could you guys help me if you can?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Me To The Golf Coarse On Time!

My niece Amelia and her long term partner Scott recently celebrated their 10th anniversary by getting married, it was held at the local Golf Coarse which has the most fantastic Functions Centre attached to their Bistro - most importantly it is very child friendly.

Before the wedding started and every one was milling about and
trying to get the white balance correct on their camera's.
Toby is holding bubbles to blow on the bride and groom in one hand and
his precious Nanna's fingers in the other so she can't disappear!

My Great Niece Madison and my Great Nephew
(her younger brother) Rylie as the Flower Girl and Paige Boy.
They were both absolutely gorgeous!

My Niece Amelia being given away by my Nephew Tim (her younger brother -
see a theme in our family?) who was also gorgeous, when he came and sat next
to me I asked him if he was okay and he answered yes but persisted to make little moaning/sniffy sounds through out the rest of the ceremony.

Amelia saying her vows

Part of the ceremony involved the couple and their two beautiful children
pouring different coloured sand into a heart shaped bottle (making a rainbow)
as a symbol for the love they all share for one another - so sweet, Rylie spilt some
of his ocean blue and was poking it during the signing!

Toby and my other Great Nephew, Nicky, picking up all the 'Diamonds & Sapphires' off the Bridal Table and popping them into wine glasses - I admit that I was a combination of cuted out and flustered so I didn't think to stop them, but some one else swapped the glasses for the sheer gift bags that our chocolates came in. *whew*

The bag I made to go with the dress I wore - Front and Lining
(The lighting for the bag is natural where as the jacket was mostly
relying on the hippy bulb in the lounge room)

Toby's jacket - Front and Back
I didn't use a pattern, I was working with what I have in my head.
Allan likes it so much he wants me to make him one too :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Poppy

Summer set lip to earth's bosom bare,
And left the flushed print in a poppy there:
Like a yawn of fire from the grass it came,
And the fanning wind puffed it to flapping flame.

With burnt mouth, red like a lion's, it drank
The blood of the sun as he slaughtered sank,
And dipped its cup in the purpurate shine
When the Eastern conduits ran with wine.

Till it grew lethargied with fierce bliss,
And hot as a swinked gipsy is,
And drowsed in sleepy savageries,
With mouth wide a-pout for a sultry kiss.

A child and man paced side by side,
Treading the skirts of eventide;
But between the clasp of his hand and hers
Lay, felt not, twenty withered years.

She turned, with the rout of her dusk South hair,
And saw the sleeping gipsy there:
And snatched and snapped it in swift child's whim,
With-- "Keep it, long as you live!" -- to him.

And his smile, as nymphs from their laving meres,
Trembled up from a bath of tears;
And joy, like a mew sea-rocked apart,
Tossed on the wave of his troubled heart.

For he saw what she did not see,
That -- as kindled by its own fervency --
The verge shrivelled inward smoulderingly:
And suddenly 'twixt his hand and hers
He knew the twenty withered years --
No flower, but twenty shrivelled years.

"Was never such thing until this hour,"
Low to his heart he said; "the flower
Of sleep brings wakening to me,
And of oblivion, memory."

"Was never this thing to me," he said,
"Though with bruisèd poppies my feet are red!"
And again to his own heart very low:
"O child! I love, for I love and know;

"But you, who love nor know at all
The diverse chambers in Love's guest-hall,
Where some rise early, few sit long:
In how differing accents hear the throng
His great Pentecostal tongue;

"Who know not love from amity,
Nor my reported self from me;
A fair fit gift is this, meseems,
You give -- this withering flower of dreams.

"O frankly fickle, and fickly true,
Do you know what the days will do to you?
To your love and you what the days will do,
O frankly fickle, and fickly true?

"You have loved me, Fair, three lives -- or days:
'Twill pass with the passing of my face.
But where I go, your face goes too,
To watch lest I play false to you.

"I am but, my sweet, your foster-lover,
Knowing well when certain years are over
You vanish from me to another;
Yet I know, and love, like the foster-mother.

"So, frankly fickle, and fickly true!
For my brief life while I take from you
This token, fair and fit, meseems,
For me -- this withering flower of dreams."

The sleep-flower sways in the wheat its head,
Heavy with dreams, as that with bread:
The goodly grain and the sun-flushed sleeper
The reaper reaps, and Time the reaper.

I hang 'mid men my needless head,
And my fruit is dreams, as theirs is bread:
The goodly men and the sun-hazed sleeper
Time shall reap, but after the reaper
The world shall glean of me, me the sleeper.

Love, love! your flower of withered dream
In leavèd rhyme lies safe, I deem,
Sheltered and shut in a nook of rhyme,
From the reaper man, and his reaper Time.

Love! I fall into the claws of Time:
But lasts within a leavèd rhyme
All that the world of me esteems --
My withered dreams, my withered dreams.

Francis Thompson - To Monica

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Items In My Store...

Mottled Purple and Brown Upcycled & Hand Dyed Crochet Lace Scarf
with a chunk of Amethyst surrounded by a circle of beads

A Blue and Green Stripped Sculptured and Tapered Scarf with Fringe

A Burgundy scarf with Fringe and Purple & Brown Crochet Lace
A small Star Button and Semi Precious Stones

An Orange and Brown mottled Hood with Scarf
Tea dyed Crochet Lace, Beads and Hearts

I have so much fun making the items I have for sale!
Finding the pieces, getting excited by sales, op shops, bargains and treasures.
Organising, sorting and preparing.
Working so long with out remembering to eat until you suddenly realise you are starving!
Being able to sit on the couch with family afterwards with the
knowledge that you created some thing awesome!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Heart Cupcakes...

And a giant mug of tea...

Sitting at my desk looking at the wind blowing through the trees...

I am sure there will be more baked goods up here soon.
I just have this funny inkling ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Yesterday Penny and I wanted badly to bake and watch 'Darling Buds of May', unfortunately the person we lent our DVD's to has put them in a safe place whilst cleaning & re-arranging her house and is not entirely sure where the safe place is any more so we made do with 'Top Gear', internetting and crafting.

After Allan came home and we had the most insanely delicious dinner ever - Bangers[in gravy w/ onion & garlic], mash and string beans - I was fed up at the lack of baking and boiled some pumpkin, to which every one became quite excited. I had decided on teeny cupcakes, I saw the patty pans at the super market and they called to me, Penny and I had discussed making snacks for Toby in the form of veggie muffins but I am alas a sweets person and my instinct took over :D

Poor Toby had to go to bed half way through the mixing process but insisted on giving it a stir before lying down for a story - of course then he just lay there waiting.
Silly mummy. >_<

And new items in My Shop too!

Have fun today every one ^_^

Thursday, July 8, 2010


We went to see the Tim Burton Exhibition!

Here we have Penny and my Toby concentrating on his cross word puzzle as he carefully picks a square and diligently writes a letter within the lines :3
The Train ride in was fun and pretty much hassle free thanks to the MX paper and some Matchbox cars we brought along.

I ask for a smile in between letters.

An exhibit of the sun, Solar Equation by Raphael Lozana-Hemmer, which you could control using and iTouch App, it was so beautiful; positioned in an alcove of Federation Square with beach lounging chairs spread underneath.

A close up shot just as a large amount of Solar Flares "went off" and it turned a deep orange!

Our first dinner at Acmi Cafe & Bar, slowly I am getting used to my camera, very, very slowly - looks good enough for a diner menu! :P The food was delicious though as well as plentiful (that is a child's Fish & Chips), fresh and a decent price for the location.

Before you enter the exhibit you walk through the foyer of Acmi and turn right to ride the escalators and he is what greets you. I think his name was simple like Balloon Boy but I can't remember, I think he was an extension on 'Tragic Toys For Girls & Boys' - cute any which way :D

(The lighting was hideous - purple fluorescents and fake grass o_O)

Action shot - playing claps on the train ride home!
I can't believe how well behaved Toby was, he told us when he was bored and paid attention to his favourite parts of the exhibit in an orderly fashion...mostly. There was an area near the end of the exhibit where you could sit and draw (mostly with crayons) and there was a giant board to pin your pictures to - oh how I wished we were allowed to have camera's at that point, so many different pictures by all ages; they were great - I think he liked that bit, it took a bit to convince him that we should take his pic home to show daddy but we let him pin up Penny's drawing of a red headed lady snake :)

~ Good Night All ~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We went to Warrandyte, a reasonably quiet country town that sits along the Yarra River. It's a beautiful area and I kick the economy for making it impossible to move there. ;o) Toby's favourite thing to do at the moment is go to The Fairfield Boat House to have a picnic, feed the ducks and watch the row boats bobbing in a line next to the shore - same river, different area. Today we had to explain that even though we were eating indoors for lunch we would still be having dessert by the river, there would be no boats but we could watch the ducks and please don't give them your cake. There is a gorgeous range of domestic, wild and run-a-ways as well as a couple of Moor-hens pottering around; Toby had a wonderful time! In the photo's below you can see him in the red (his favourite colour) hood and scarf I made him! :D

Having lots of fun with Daddy.

Eating Lemon Cake he made with Nanna.

Our part time house-mate returning a big grin!

A ducky that wished my camera would magically turn into food.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Items In My Shop!

A couple of child sized Pixie Hoods with Scarf...

It's kinda hard trying to get Toby to stay still when he's having so much fun!

I hadn't even noticed that he may have fiddled with the settings
on my camera while I was swapping the Hoods!

I can't believe what a little darling he is, holding up the two
sections of scarf so they can be seen clearly!

I think I will use him to model all of my child sizes ;P

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hiya all...

So Toby is still with my folks and Allan and I agreed to go and pick him up tomorrow because my mother is tired and has to watch my father before he goes in to have an unexpected but minor operation. So we crashed at 9:30 and tried to sleep but it didn't work, I was wide awake and restless the moment my head hit the pillow - we gave it an hourish and couldn't sleep so we got up and cleaned the house a bit, good thing too, I found a load of washing I had done earlier in the day and forgotten about!

After giving the kitchen a go over I saw the computer and it was calling to meee.
I sat down and considered making another mosaic (about sleep and the lack of and cute animals having slumber time) but made a jigsaw puzzle instead :D

This was just a test, I am considering waiting for the perfect photo and actually paying for a copy of the puzzle to do myself on a cold winters night - I miss putting jigsaws together more than I realised! :3