Friday, December 10, 2010

In the new house...

We are very slowly unpacking and setting things right.
I have been distracted by Christmas which means more fairy lights and a lot less
of putting away boxes and things. My brother Rohan has asked if he may stay
with us for a few months to which we happily said Yes since the move has
severely hurt our savings accounts; but dammit, it's worth it! :D

I haven't really had a chance to take many photo's and I am trepedacious about showing the place off before every-thing is in it's place but please enjoy my two favourite views :3

The Kitchen Window

Our Bedroom Window

Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving House

Been quiet because of all the shifting.
Now we are going to move the computers and will be with out the net for 2-3 days!
Just letting you know we are nearly finished and I will be able to update more fully soon :D

In the mean time here is a photo of a cute kitty...

Night night ^_^

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our New Home

At least for the next 12 - 24 months :3

We had a call from the rental agent for W. Withers cottage asking us things like
"Can you keep the lawns mown?" and "Is this the correct amount you earn so we
know you will be able to pay the rent?" to which we answered "...yeeessss"

A few hours later she called back asking us whether we were willing to take on the responsibility of taking care of the cottage and warning us that people may be coming through and around to make decisions about whether the building can have it's Zoning changed...I am hoping the answer on that is a no because I would love to own this house one day. It is a joy and I wish to obtain a list of dos and don'ts from the national trust so I can give it some major loving and a face lift.

Today after much yessing and squeeing Allan, Toby, our friends Nikki & Fergie and I went to the house and had a picnic on the back porch. It was so lovely! There was a magpie that came down and asked for food but s/he was very particular about where s/he ate it from X3
I was re leaved to notice that the house has bating in the roof, all though sticking out slightly (which I thought might have been a wasp nest at first and seemed to worry Fergie) as well as the delightful smell of the Jasmine being brought to us by a light breeze from the driveway! :D

The first three shots are of the front of the house and entryway

This is down the side of the house next to the road.
This rose blends when not in bloom with the other plants and then Boom!
Gorgeous yellow flowers beaming up at you :o)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walter Withers Cottage

Today Allan, Toby and I had an agent show us around the house of the late Australian artist Walter Withers of the Heidelberg School. We want to buy the property, which is now under the supervision of The National Heritage Trust, to live in and never ever leave! But alas we are but in our twenties with a low income, one dependant and a plethora of extras thus we can barely rent it at this point in time let alone win the trust of a mortgage broker with a $550k loan. T_T

The house has a large entry way (unfortunately we were shown in through the back so there isn't a shot of the front door which is awesome) , sitting room, lounge area, dining area, gorgeous kitchen, 2 laundries (1 in and 1 out, we know not why there are 2, but the one down stairs was padded by the previous tenant so he could play his guitar with out annoying people X3 ), 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and the studio which W.Withers built himself.

The dinging area

The kitchen

The fernery/orangey

To the right of the fernery/orangery, the lounge

To the left of the fernery/orangery, a secret passageway to the studio

The studio <3

The stairs from the studio into the entryway

The fire place with settees and the other side the the secret passage,
it occurred to me earlier that he may have made it so he could easily get
food and drink from the kitchen with out having to walk so far X3

Looking onto the entryway, into the studio from the sitting room door

The sitting room

1st bedroom, the material over the fireplace is to keep out
a breeze coming down the chimney but it's satin >_<

An oddly interesting view of the hall :3

2nd bedroom

The back porch, you may be able to see the agent, Nicks head XD

Looking down on the garden from the porch

The washing line holding up what I am hoping is wisteria :D
The previous tenants have strung up rope between some trees to
get around this fantastically wonderful feature!

The second entry to under the house

More shed!


Good night all, hope you all enjoyed!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Does The Happy Dance!

We all remember it was my birthday last week?
My part-time house-mate Penny bought me a beautiful gift and it arrived today!
I cannot emphasize the awesomeness that is what she gave me and the supreme
excellence of the man she bought them from, Cory Godbey!

A new Alice In Wonderland book to add to my collection; which needs another shelf :3

A colour print from the book that I fell in love with when she
showed me his Etsy Store - oh and the squeeing and the flailing!

And this is 'Daga & The Trolls' which also involved a lot of squeeing
and flailing plus jaw dropping! It just happened to be in with the other two...
oh I wonder how that happened? X3 *meeeep*

P.S. These are all his images, including the photo and I love him and want
to make him all mine! (Of course I am willing to share, I'm nice like that ;D )

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Items

Blazing Sun

Warm Blue Sky

Feeling a bit weary, I think I have made myself do too much over the past few days.
Lots of cleaning, lots of dying of fabrics for new creations; oh, and the knitting!
I am making a blue and cream scarf, with flecks of grey, peach and moss.
It is about 60 stitches across and oh so fluffy, I can't wait until I am finished! :3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Items

Sailing Back to You

Lying on A Sandy Shore

I feel at home with both of these sets of earrings, I am normally into darker, more bold colours but these some how speak to me, they say things like "...and breath out...and relax" or "...if we never sell, keep us!" ;op

Oh dear, I am finding it ever so hard to type.
Our wee Binx is sitting on my lap and requires many pats so I will say good night to you all!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Good Day...

Spent yesterday helping out at the store, on my way in I noticed the lilies out side the plaza had come into bloom and took the opportunity to use my camera on some-thing bright and beautiful before the rain came again, and why yes, they really are that orange! :D

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Items

Wood Elves in Spring Light

Blazing Like The Sun


We watched the second part of 'Going Postal', Allan was still a little unsettled by the differences (and I can't blame him) but I enjoyed it greatly!
I am very in the mood to make a skirt with a train, but where would I wear it, where?
Oh, I know...

The Fairfield Boathouse!

Where we can sit on the verandah and have tea with scones or sundaes and after Toby can fed the ducks by the jetty while we dip our feet in the water, what could be finer? :3

Terry Prachetts: Going Postal

My Allan has been on a big kick of listening to the Disc World books and other audio books whilst driving to work since it is the only time he has to "read" some-thing non-work related X3

He had decided he wanted to give the new two part mini series of 'Going Postal' a chance. We have only watched the first half so far and his face spent a large percent of it contorted with a mix of anger and sadness.

I managed to enjoy most of it, some of it is creepier than how he describes the book
(keep in mind that Allan needs a Remembral), some of the emotions seem over the
top for the character that Terry created, but maybe it is like Douglas Adams 'Hitch
Hikers Guide' - "...every incarnation is different so the audience is never bored."

I can tell you that I was in no way bored, and I loved every lady that drifted past the
camera and all the young lads dashing about after them, one young woman in
particular who was wearing a green floral jacket with a vermilion red skirt...I would
have had her out of that outfit in 10 seconds flat and run away with it as fast as possible!

And don't get me started on Adora Belle's dress, it is the the most magnificent
creature in the whole damn series, sure Mr. Pump is win, but that dress!
It could stun a nun in church on Sunday :D
Unfortunately, this was the only screen shot I could find of her not just from the shoulders up - also don't get me started on both of my media players refusing to screen cap. >_<
Love to all and to all a good night! :3

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Shiny Items in Store

Earth and Silver

Vampires Kiss

Dark Elf Disco!

The Spring sun shone warmly today and beckoned to be taken advantage of
while I was still aware enough of my own surroundings to do so. XP
Truly, it was a beautiful day and I had great fun going through all the treasures
I have made recently and was joined quite quickly by three of our little kitty
friends, one of which was insistent on being in some of the photo's.
Oh Miss Kitty!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

At Home...

You know that house we were hoping to get? We still don't know for sure
if we can have it or not, the real estate agent is working on the land lord to win
him over...cause we're the only applicants and he can't be that choosy.

Any way, this is a lamp shade from Ishka that I was quite prepared to fall
in love with and drag home so it would be ready to go into the lounge...

These, these are the strawberries from the eatable bouquet
that my brother sent me for my birthday!
I knew he had been asking our folks what day it was so he would be
prepared, but I thought it was just so he would call on time!

I have been a bit slack over the past couple of days (I say slack because that's
how I feel but then I spend until 3:00pm sleeping and have to rush to the kindergarten
to pick up Toby and I realise how much sleep I am missing from the apnoea!)
Any who, here is a sample of what I will be putting up in the shop soon :o)