Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walter Withers Cottage

Today Allan, Toby and I had an agent show us around the house of the late Australian artist Walter Withers of the Heidelberg School. We want to buy the property, which is now under the supervision of The National Heritage Trust, to live in and never ever leave! But alas we are but in our twenties with a low income, one dependant and a plethora of extras thus we can barely rent it at this point in time let alone win the trust of a mortgage broker with a $550k loan. T_T

The house has a large entry way (unfortunately we were shown in through the back so there isn't a shot of the front door which is awesome) , sitting room, lounge area, dining area, gorgeous kitchen, 2 laundries (1 in and 1 out, we know not why there are 2, but the one down stairs was padded by the previous tenant so he could play his guitar with out annoying people X3 ), 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and the studio which W.Withers built himself.

The dinging area

The kitchen

The fernery/orangey

To the right of the fernery/orangery, the lounge

To the left of the fernery/orangery, a secret passageway to the studio

The studio <3

The stairs from the studio into the entryway

The fire place with settees and the other side the the secret passage,
it occurred to me earlier that he may have made it so he could easily get
food and drink from the kitchen with out having to walk so far X3

Looking onto the entryway, into the studio from the sitting room door

The sitting room

1st bedroom, the material over the fireplace is to keep out
a breeze coming down the chimney but it's satin >_<

An oddly interesting view of the hall :3

2nd bedroom

The back porch, you may be able to see the agent, Nicks head XD

Looking down on the garden from the porch

The washing line holding up what I am hoping is wisteria :D
The previous tenants have strung up rope between some trees to
get around this fantastically wonderful feature!

The second entry to under the house

More shed!


Good night all, hope you all enjoyed!


  1. Man they really have let it go, haven't they? Sadness. It looks suuuuuuuuuuuper huge and awesome, I don't think I could live with all that wood though, especially with the blue trim! Get the paint can!

    Wisteria clothes line = win. And I've never seen a double story mantelpiece before...

  2. Good thing the trim is black then! :D
    Allan ran around quickly snapping while I was complaining to Chris about something or other and I was too distracted by Galen and Allan's conversation to correct the colour X3

    *bad llama*