Monday, October 18, 2010

Does The Happy Dance!

We all remember it was my birthday last week?
My part-time house-mate Penny bought me a beautiful gift and it arrived today!
I cannot emphasize the awesomeness that is what she gave me and the supreme
excellence of the man she bought them from, Cory Godbey!

A new Alice In Wonderland book to add to my collection; which needs another shelf :3

A colour print from the book that I fell in love with when she
showed me his Etsy Store - oh and the squeeing and the flailing!

And this is 'Daga & The Trolls' which also involved a lot of squeeing
and flailing plus jaw dropping! It just happened to be in with the other two...
oh I wonder how that happened? X3 *meeeep*

P.S. These are all his images, including the photo and I love him and want
to make him all mine! (Of course I am willing to share, I'm nice like that ;D )

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