Thursday, October 7, 2010

At Home...

You know that house we were hoping to get? We still don't know for sure
if we can have it or not, the real estate agent is working on the land lord to win
him over...cause we're the only applicants and he can't be that choosy.

Any way, this is a lamp shade from Ishka that I was quite prepared to fall
in love with and drag home so it would be ready to go into the lounge...

These, these are the strawberries from the eatable bouquet
that my brother sent me for my birthday!
I knew he had been asking our folks what day it was so he would be
prepared, but I thought it was just so he would call on time!

I have been a bit slack over the past couple of days (I say slack because that's
how I feel but then I spend until 3:00pm sleeping and have to rush to the kindergarten
to pick up Toby and I realise how much sleep I am missing from the apnoea!)
Any who, here is a sample of what I will be putting up in the shop soon :o)

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