Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Me To The Golf Coarse On Time!

My niece Amelia and her long term partner Scott recently celebrated their 10th anniversary by getting married, it was held at the local Golf Coarse which has the most fantastic Functions Centre attached to their Bistro - most importantly it is very child friendly.

Before the wedding started and every one was milling about and
trying to get the white balance correct on their camera's.
Toby is holding bubbles to blow on the bride and groom in one hand and
his precious Nanna's fingers in the other so she can't disappear!

My Great Niece Madison and my Great Nephew
(her younger brother) Rylie as the Flower Girl and Paige Boy.
They were both absolutely gorgeous!

My Niece Amelia being given away by my Nephew Tim (her younger brother -
see a theme in our family?) who was also gorgeous, when he came and sat next
to me I asked him if he was okay and he answered yes but persisted to make little moaning/sniffy sounds through out the rest of the ceremony.

Amelia saying her vows

Part of the ceremony involved the couple and their two beautiful children
pouring different coloured sand into a heart shaped bottle (making a rainbow)
as a symbol for the love they all share for one another - so sweet, Rylie spilt some
of his ocean blue and was poking it during the signing!

Toby and my other Great Nephew, Nicky, picking up all the 'Diamonds & Sapphires' off the Bridal Table and popping them into wine glasses - I admit that I was a combination of cuted out and flustered so I didn't think to stop them, but some one else swapped the glasses for the sheer gift bags that our chocolates came in. *whew*

The bag I made to go with the dress I wore - Front and Lining
(The lighting for the bag is natural where as the jacket was mostly
relying on the hippy bulb in the lounge room)

Toby's jacket - Front and Back
I didn't use a pattern, I was working with what I have in my head.
Allan likes it so much he wants me to make him one too :D

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