Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hiya all...

So Toby is still with my folks and Allan and I agreed to go and pick him up tomorrow because my mother is tired and has to watch my father before he goes in to have an unexpected but minor operation. So we crashed at 9:30 and tried to sleep but it didn't work, I was wide awake and restless the moment my head hit the pillow - we gave it an hourish and couldn't sleep so we got up and cleaned the house a bit, good thing too, I found a load of washing I had done earlier in the day and forgotten about!

After giving the kitchen a go over I saw the computer and it was calling to meee.
I sat down and considered making another mosaic (about sleep and the lack of and cute animals having slumber time) but made a jigsaw puzzle instead :D

This was just a test, I am considering waiting for the perfect photo and actually paying for a copy of the puzzle to do myself on a cold winters night - I miss putting jigsaws together more than I realised! :3


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