Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Items In My Store...

Mottled Purple and Brown Upcycled & Hand Dyed Crochet Lace Scarf
with a chunk of Amethyst surrounded by a circle of beads

A Blue and Green Stripped Sculptured and Tapered Scarf with Fringe

A Burgundy scarf with Fringe and Purple & Brown Crochet Lace
A small Star Button and Semi Precious Stones

An Orange and Brown mottled Hood with Scarf
Tea dyed Crochet Lace, Beads and Hearts

I have so much fun making the items I have for sale!
Finding the pieces, getting excited by sales, op shops, bargains and treasures.
Organising, sorting and preparing.
Working so long with out remembering to eat until you suddenly realise you are starving!
Being able to sit on the couch with family afterwards with the
knowledge that you created some thing awesome!
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