Thursday, July 8, 2010


We went to see the Tim Burton Exhibition!

Here we have Penny and my Toby concentrating on his cross word puzzle as he carefully picks a square and diligently writes a letter within the lines :3
The Train ride in was fun and pretty much hassle free thanks to the MX paper and some Matchbox cars we brought along.

I ask for a smile in between letters.

An exhibit of the sun, Solar Equation by Raphael Lozana-Hemmer, which you could control using and iTouch App, it was so beautiful; positioned in an alcove of Federation Square with beach lounging chairs spread underneath.

A close up shot just as a large amount of Solar Flares "went off" and it turned a deep orange!

Our first dinner at Acmi Cafe & Bar, slowly I am getting used to my camera, very, very slowly - looks good enough for a diner menu! :P The food was delicious though as well as plentiful (that is a child's Fish & Chips), fresh and a decent price for the location.

Before you enter the exhibit you walk through the foyer of Acmi and turn right to ride the escalators and he is what greets you. I think his name was simple like Balloon Boy but I can't remember, I think he was an extension on 'Tragic Toys For Girls & Boys' - cute any which way :D

(The lighting was hideous - purple fluorescents and fake grass o_O)

Action shot - playing claps on the train ride home!
I can't believe how well behaved Toby was, he told us when he was bored and paid attention to his favourite parts of the exhibit in an orderly fashion...mostly. There was an area near the end of the exhibit where you could sit and draw (mostly with crayons) and there was a giant board to pin your pictures to - oh how I wished we were allowed to have camera's at that point, so many different pictures by all ages; they were great - I think he liked that bit, it took a bit to convince him that we should take his pic home to show daddy but we let him pin up Penny's drawing of a red headed lady snake :)

~ Good Night All ~


  1. It was! We want to go back when it is less busy so we can have a closer look at the design drawings since they were surrounded by people. :)