Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We went to Warrandyte, a reasonably quiet country town that sits along the Yarra River. It's a beautiful area and I kick the economy for making it impossible to move there. ;o) Toby's favourite thing to do at the moment is go to The Fairfield Boat House to have a picnic, feed the ducks and watch the row boats bobbing in a line next to the shore - same river, different area. Today we had to explain that even though we were eating indoors for lunch we would still be having dessert by the river, there would be no boats but we could watch the ducks and please don't give them your cake. There is a gorgeous range of domestic, wild and run-a-ways as well as a couple of Moor-hens pottering around; Toby had a wonderful time! In the photo's below you can see him in the red (his favourite colour) hood and scarf I made him! :D

Having lots of fun with Daddy.

Eating Lemon Cake he made with Nanna.

Our part time house-mate returning a big grin!

A ducky that wished my camera would magically turn into food.


  1. Adorable, I love your little one in all that red. Cute post.