Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photo's from Home...

I disappeared for a while and I apologise, even if I was the only one listening I still need to say it to help me pull myself out of the pillow fort I tried to make around myself over the past month.
To be honest with every-one I have bouts of depression and at the beginning of last month it was like being hit by a run away train...then a few days ago I received a gift in the form of a people mover (or mini bus if you prefer) taking out my legs.
That one was less of a lie you out flat and more of a wake up to how much hiding I had been doing and it made me take in how much happier I am when I doing things, not just little things here and there but bigger things that can distract my brain from thinking repetitively.
Big things that help me get up in the morning, make me want to share my life with my little Toby more and makes me open up to how much I have missed having lunch with my beloved Allan when he is working.

Here I have a few photo's I just took, braving the cold now that the Spring it starting to show itself in the form of pink plum blossoms all through the streets of where we live!

Well, this one is in my part-time house mates bedroom, but how could I not share this with you!
When our Penny went away to Bristle to visit her brother, I had to think of something that incorporated her love for our house and England...
While watching 'Winter Winds' by Mumford & Sons (whom I am obsessed with)

I thought to my-self "How lovely is the bunting?" to which I replied "absolutely gorgeous!"
And thus this was born...

And here is our Penny modelling the hood I made for
her to show off all the beautiful colours she picked out...

And this one is just to show off how cute she is!

I have put up two new items in my shop

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