Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Walk Around The Garden....

Two Fridays ago I was informed that there was a bed available at Mercy Hospital and I could go in to have my Tonsillectomy, I have now been home for going on 9 days (I believe) and am starting to be able to speak at regular intervals. Frustrating because Toby doesn't understand that even though I can talk a bit now, I'm still sick, good because I can sit on the couch and improve my Mario Kart scores :D

I was getting bored with sitting around the house, and I pushed myself Monday with a visit to Ikea and talking to my husbands friend Kate - she brought her Papillion Kio over for a visit and is helping me with finding a girl of my own :3 - which involved a lot of questions -_- Owwie...
So today I went for a stroll around the back garden with the camera, beginning and ending at the back steps ^_^

Here are some kitty paw prints from the in and outings during the flash floods we had a few days back.

Our once gold Buddha under one of the smallest Japanese Maples I have ever seen

A vine growing over the fence with sweet white and purple flowers

Interesting Succulent next to the driveway

Clover and tiny purple flowers that are a mystery to me!

A secret spot at the bottom of the garden for children and fairies to play :3

Our Blackberries are fruiting!

I found this little lady/lad wrapping up her/his afternoon tea

I was surprised to find that one of the ferns I thought had died during the
Super Summer of Death has begun putting our new fronds :D

Miss Phillip joined me on my little jaunt

Daises by the stair...

I hope every-one else has had a lovely day too!

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