Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's a hard question...

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I never knew how to answer it when I as younger; I finally settled on Free Range Egg Collector and House Wife. It seemed easy, I could wear what ever I wanted (a full length Yellow Dress with a White Pinafore and carry a Wicker Basket for my delicious treasures ^_^) and stay at home where it was safe with some-one I truly loved to bring me chocolate and presents...
I was 7! ;op

Now when I think about it or am asked (mostly for amusement) I think about Hanamoto Hagumi form 'Honey & Clover', the extremely talented artist with all the usual pressure to succeed and not be "selfish" [about her art] but poor and unable to support herself and her talent on her own.

Hagu chan from the live action film - played by Yu Aoi

I watch [the animated series] and wish I was her, and then I think more carefully about what I would be getting...attention from boys I don't know how to handle, having to face the pressure of being at an Art College with all the guilt and stress from other students and teachers attached, as well as not having a home that is Mine but needing to live with a relative - of course he is a much loved and adored relative :3

Coloring Hagu - DirrtieBoy

It frightens me that people can and willingly some-times live this way, but it always ends happily for her; being taken care of by the end of the second season and having been given the fantastic gift of never ending art supplies thus being able to put all her effort in her art :3

Hagu chan's studio

Then I think "Wait...I have that with out the bad bits"
I have bad bits in my life, the people we love do not always respond the way we want and taking care of a tired hungry child when, you too, are hungry and tired is frustrating, but there is indeed love...and oh so many art supplies ^_^

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