Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the Studio...

Yesterday I stained the top of my work table, now it is
nice to touch and matches the rest of the room :3

This afternoon I started putting all my sewing gear in it's place and finding that things I had been using for storage at the old house could now be used more efficiently for other items...
Then I had the fun task of going through a large basket of extra bits & pieces and old & new projects, shaking out a few things to make sure it's all clean and making my hay fever worse XP

I am So Happy now that I have a wonderfully large area to work in where
I can spread every thing out and it can all have it's own special place :3
Then there is the tiny friends I have to keep me company while I work like the wee
Cardinal on my Over-locker who has been watching me quietly...

Then there is my new Desk Lamp!
All beautifully shiny and black and it most certainly makes up for the room being made so dark [at night] by the taking down the white canvas on the uppers walls by the previous owners and being of a similar model to that owned by Poirot; in the David Suchet's version *drools*

Night every-body ^_^

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