Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Rainy Winters Day...

Allan, my husband, wanted to try out the new silicon bake ware and I wanted to make Heart shaped Cupcakes so we easily came to the agreement to buy some silicon patty pans as a test (we already know they make a great substitute for the mini metal pans when making chocolate) but today is over cast and raining quite heavily

and our house has never been the best place for indoor photography, so I think instead of baking right now, I will wait for some sunshine so I can share our creations and in the mean time focus on having some afternoon tea and maybe doing some knitting whilst rugged up under a blanket. ^_^


  1. Hi Janey - following your blog re Etsy forum. Afternoon tea and knitting snuggled up under your blanket sounds a good substitute for you not being able to bake or take indoor photography Janey! Have a wonderful afternoon.

  2. So wintery here as well. Cold and wet.

    Thanks Janey for your kind words at my blog. I needed that... :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. V: My afternoons have indeed been very snuggly, thank-you! :3

    G: Yay - I'm helping! :D