Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Toys!

Here are the new-to-me printing stamps that I purchased via the wonderful Becca of Matahari!
I adore the wee rooster but my favourite of the two has to be the happy duck, it captures that wonderful cheerfulness that ducks are known for! :D

Also, the two new editions to my store, so much fun putting cuffs and other accessories together, please enjoy!

Could you please tell me if these photos look too dark on your screen?


  1. These stamps are awesome!!
    I was trying to make something like that myself but haven't succeed yet... :)

    As for your photos - they look perfectly fine on my screen. Just the right light.

  2. Oooo - I have thought about making them but I see myself yelling a lot and maybe cutting off a finger in the process >_>

    Or maybe you mean the cuffs when you say make?
    Aaah! I keep telling people I am going to bed and then I see some thing that distracts me and I go all tiny distracted child on it and just sit here wanting and looking and typing! *bad llama* XD

    I am so very glad the photo's look okay, The first lot I took I thought were too bright and then I thought these were too dark and it doesn't help working into the late hours and your eyes go fuzzy but I wanna do stuff noooooooow! :P