Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing around...

My Toby went to his Nanna's house today, he will be there for about 5 days...he couldn't wait to leave, nearly kicked me out of the car when they dropped me off after lunch. XD

They both had to come in for a quick refreshment before their long drive (I live in Melbounre and she is in Gippsland) I wouldn't let him leave with out a hug and a kiss and as he cuddled me bye bye he said "Don't worry mummy, daddy will be here to keep you company."

He's four.

I love that child like the moon loves the waves in the ocean!

Went onto Flickr as a naughty, naughty distraction from the fact that I really should be in bed :)
I was thinking Faeries, moss, owl, home, love, passion, poly, fire and it all came together as this...

My creation II

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