Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Home!

My family and I have moved house, made an attept at unpacking, and re-done our kitchen to suit our needs. I am extremely happy living in a house that is ours. No more rent going towards some-one elses home loan, no more having to consult every time you would like to make an improvement to the property (like when all the tiles started to fall off the walls in the heat of summer a few years back!) and no more landlords scowling at my family of another species :D

I have been putting off making this post because I want ed to show of where I am living, but due to the cameras lack of battery power and the rain there are no photos to show off.
Here are some of the new items I have listed in my store to tide one over.

Here is some pirate lovin'

 A cool summer evening

A night swim with a Mermaid

and an autumn wheat field.

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