Thursday, November 15, 2012

Henrietta & Hans...

My first Doll in the shop, Henrietta the Oak Sprite and her hedgehog Hans, were a joy to make and I am proud to be showing them off to you all!

I love how sweet and calm Henrietta's face is, caring and thoughtful, she loves and heals all Oaks in need with the help of little Hans' snuffles and nose kisses.

Her dress is made from fabric she has gathered and pieced together with her matching hair wrap and satchel to carry Hans in when he is weary.

She knitted Hans' little scarf to keep him from catching chill after a very cold Winter and he adores it, loves and preens it to make sure it is well kept.

Now that our nieghbours Oak Tree is happy and bearing full bright green leaves, Henrietta feels it is time to move on but is not entirely sure where to yet, maybe you could help her make a decision? ;o)

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