Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting On With Things...

I have been putting off making a post until I found the leaflet from my Grandfathers funeral (which has been dubbed "The Pamphlet of The Dead" Yes, yes, I am very tasteful.)
It had the text and photo from what I thought was his passport but turns out to be some kind of Visa, he moved to Australia from Italy when he was about 23, he always knew he wanted to work with trains and never told any-one when he was in extreme pain, mental or physical.
My gift to him at his funeral was a little make-up, no nail polish and a full length skirt, I would like to think that I am the Lady that he always thought I was, but with my own special modern spin ;o)

A fortnight after we suffered his loss I had two new wonderful people come into my life and they introduced me to Raverly. Among the projects I have going on at the moment, I have started to make this scarf for my-self. It is very rare that I want to make clothing just for me, I look forward to completing this with added hood so I will have a little Scoodie all of my own!

Good night my lovelies ^_^

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