Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tiny Houses

I found my-self entranced by these Tiny Houses on wheels, being from Australia and needing a larger abode I had not seen any of them until recently when looking into some-thing for my parents; now that my mother has retired. They complain about the house they are in, that it is too large and hard to keep clean by them-selves (in fact they have a cleaner come in fort-nightly due to my fathers illness) and the fact that their neighbours, who are younger than them thus still working, keep them awake Friday - Sunday doing work from home in the garage. I have experienced what my mother refers to, it has been going on since I was a small child.
It is just too much now.

Now my brother and I are all grown up, I have a husband and a child...
So of course we all moved into a giant house together ;op
We have been given the option of buying the property once our lease is up and conveniently the house has a decent sized backyard, the house being on the fore front of the property :o) And it has us thinking, maybe we should keep up this facades of being grown up and build our parents a small cottage to match our massive one so we are only a foot path away and they can sleep soundly on the week ends...?

I found Tumbleweed: A Small House Company while blogging and to my utter joy found the house above (with plans below) that looks, in my mind, just like Madame's from Babar! Though it is absolutely gorgeous I worry that it would not work quite right where we would be putting our parents theoretical abode ;_; But still lovely!

Then I saw this little dream. It works for the area, the placement of the old footpath that the Historical Society people probably wouldn't let us touch even if we wanted to and I think my mother would have (very happy) kittens. ^_^

Have a lovely day/evening every-one!

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