Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Items New News!

Blood at Sea

A Drop in The Ocean

I have been having lots of fun making earrings over the past week.
I have a need to make items that have a piratey/oceanic feel, I really
love that I can easily go between the roughly hammered bold colours
and the sha-shing of the silver with the second pair :o)

In home news, our little band of humans, kitties and the
bath tub of goldfish may be moving to a new-to-us house!
Penny and I have had a look and on Tuesday we are taking Allan
and Toby to see it too; the agent we are working with is awesome!
She responds to all our calls and is the only person I have met
that would let some-one view a house more than once :O

I wish I had more photo's to show you but we will have to do
with the one from the real estate site for now. Boooo.

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